Free pancakes at IHOP

Elisabeth and I just got back from IHOP for some free pancakes. Thanks International Pancake Day! (or whatever it’s called)

Gene is sick so he stayed home and Sidney doesn’t like pancakes (what a heathen!) so she stayed home as well.

The place was packed. We got there at 5:30pm, what I would consider relatively early for the dinner rush, and we had a 25 minute wait. So we walked over to the Goodwill Outlet for a bit and rummaged through their dirty, and honestly, disgusting, bins. The place makes you feel dirty the moment you walk in. It is bewildering to me the things that are put in the bin instead of just trashed. We washed our hands and used hand sanitizer afterwards though so that made me feel better.

The pancakes were delicious (although there wasn’t boysenberry syrup) and I splurged and got a chocolate milkshake and grits to go along with them. Our IHOP had recently experienced a redo and it looked really nice inside, quite modern. It now has a coffee bar where you can order breakfast sandwiches or bowls, pretty neat idea. I’ll never utilize it but maybe others will.

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