Aurora Huddlers

Yesterday, the girls and I attended a Women’s March Huddlers meeting. For those that don’t know, the Women’s March movement is doing a “10 actions in 100 days” campaign and the second action was to attend a Huddle (a meeting). We had wanted to attend the first one, which was last month, but Elisabeth’s back had gone out that day so we skipped it. Thankfully, the awesome Aurora group decided to meet on a monthly basis (way to keep the momentum) and so we were able to catch the second meeting!

As I was telling Sidney and Elisabeth yesterday, I went to this meeting so that I could figure out how to make the US a better country. I believe every one of us wants a better country but the majority of us don’t do anything other than vote every four years. Granted, that’s really important and everyone who can vote SHOULD vote, but it may not be enough.

The meeting was both overwhelming in regards to the amount of stuff people want to change and encouraging in the fact that we had a room of people who wanted to make a positive difference in our city, state, and country and everyone was kind to one another even though we were not always in agreement. I will be going back.

In the meantime I will choose to focus on one topic and I will follow that topic on local, state, and national levels. Slow and steady my friends, I’m in this for the long haul.

For those interested, you can join the Aurora Huddlers Group here and check out the Women’s March website here.



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