My weekend

Wearing my nerdiest outfit – Ewok hat, GeekShic mustache, dice bracelet, D&D shirt, dice jacket, superhero skirt, cat tights, and Disney shoes.

This weekend was full of little accomplishments. I finished my superhero skirt – I added a band on the top and a clasp above the zipper. I even got a compliment on it when we got pho for lunch! I purchased more fabric so I could sew a dress. This time I’m going to use a pattern I purchased. It will be the first time I’ve used one of those tissue paper patterns so here’s to me going slow and staying calm. I got a haircut. We played D&D twice and it was so fun (I promise I’m still working on session summaries, I’m just really behind).

Gene is FINALLY over his cold too, which is super nice but now Sidney is showing symptoms of it. Really hoping my body holds out and I skip getting sick. Only time will tell!

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