Good [food] day

Today was a good day.

I started my morning with donuts from Walton Donuts, a local donut shop I have driven by many times but never tried. You know it’s going to be a good day when you get to have a donut first thing. I brought them in to work because today we had a virtual meeting via google hangouts. My team gets a little nervous around this technology and since we were all going to be together (we were “meeting” with others from across the district) I figured it would be a nice treat (also, I like donuts). The donuts were happily accepted, I ate three myself they were so delicious. They were like Krispy Kreme donuts but a little denser, quite tasty. The meeting itself went well overall too. We had two to three google hangouts going each hour and people actually joined with what I considered minimal problems.

During that meeting I was informed that there was free Noosa yogurt upstairs so I grabbed some of that because I quite enjoy Noosa’s honey yogurt. No honey yogurt but Pear and Cardamom instead. It was great, it tasted like a Flip yogurt I had tried a few weeks ago (don’t remember the brand). I hope that Noosa comes out with these in the store because they don’t have that flavor for sale.

I also got some free chicken veggie soup that my coworker had brought in. And then when I came back to my desk from the meeting my other coworker had left me two chocolates as a “congratulations you made it through the meeting” present.

After work I picked up a berry tart “pie” because it’s Pi day! I’ll post a picture of it tomorrow, we haven’t gotten it out yet but it looks tasty. What a great day for me and food.



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