Berry Tart

The mixed berry tart was a success. With a shortbread-like crust, cream, and a variety of berries to top it off, it was light and only slightly sweet. It was also quite pretty.

I am now in the process of ordering a different pie from The Long I Pie, another shop I wanted to try but didn’t get to in time for Pi Day. As I informed my housemates yesterday, “I’m an adult, I don’t need a reason to buy pie. Elisabeth will also be baking us an apple pie in the next few days so I’m just getting treat after treat.

It really is true, being grateful for the little things during the day make life so much more enjoyable.

One thought on “Berry Tart

  1. Ohhh … I wanted to see a pic! Sounds delicious. Any idea on how to make it? I’d especially like to make a shortbread crust. Your comment on gratitude makes my heart swell. Being grateful is at the top of my list.

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