I got sick & past few days

Blueberry lemon pies

I ended up getting the cold that’s been going around. I thought I had avoided it but life decided to show me who’s boss. It has been actually pretty mild and I’m mostly over it (just stupid stuffy nose) but it did mean I left work early on Friday and slept for four hours before dinner.

Getting sick didn’t stop me from doing stuff though (well, it did postpone D&D until Saturday night). On the way home from work I picked up some more pies in honor of Pi Day, this time from The Long I Pie shop. We got a full Honey Flower pie (honey and lavender) and two personal Boyscout pies (blueberry lemon). To my dismay, the honey flower pie was not good. It was too sweet and there was too much salt. Nobody else likes it either. The blueberry lemon pie was better but it was odd because the lemon portion is a custard and it tastes very eggy. Such a bummer but way to go us for trying something and someplace new.

I had also picked up a State Park pass from the library on Friday so I was determined we were going to visit at least one State Park this weekend. Saturday I slept in, ate breakfast and then took a nap and then we went to the Cherry Creek State Park for lunch and a bit of walking around. It was nice but I was pretty exhausted and zoned out throughout. There was a really cool tree trunk hanging out on the water’s edge that I got on and really liked. Could probably have slept on it. Thus, when we got back home I took another nap.

We ate dinner and then played D&D for the rest of the evening! Thankfully by that time I was feeling pretty normal so I was able to fully enjoy our session.


View of the Cherry Creek Reservoir

This morning Elisabeth made homemade blueberry muffins and then we went to Barr Lake State Park, a park about 15 minutes away from the airport and a place none of us had ever been. Thank you Denver library, this free pass is awesome!

I fell in love with Barr Lake. If you’re up for it, one can walk around the entire lake in just 9 miles. That is not something we were up for today so instead we walked about 3 miles and then walked back. Barr Lake is known for the many species of birds that hang out here. We saw so many birds – pelicans, black swan, eagle, kingfisher, and some other cools birds I don’t know the names of. It was so much fun and it was (and still is) such a lovely day outside.

Barr Lake

We will definitely have to return in the summer and bring a giant picnic with us. This place is so beautiful, I could stay a lot longer if I had plenty of water and food. It’s also a flat area so it’s great for those with bad knees or strollers.

Although I wasn’t as energetic as I was hoping this weekend, I still have enjoyed myself. Gotta get 100% better so I can really enjoy my Spring Break in two weeks!

Barr Lake

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