Stair challenge – complete!

Today I finished a stair challenge I’ve been working on for the past 10 weeks. My workplace gave employees the option to sign up to take the stairs more as a health challenge and since I knew I was going hiking this summer I signed up. My goal was to walk 1,451 stairs and I reached it!

It’s still difficult for me to go up the stairs but I have improved. I can take them two at a time now and I can climb up more floors before getting winded. I can’t stop now that I’m on a roll. Gotta gear up for the Mt. Ida hike I’ll be doing in July. This is the year I actually make it to the peak.

3 thoughts on “Stair challenge – complete!

    1. It wasn’t significant to me but I’m guessing it must mean something. The team who created the challenge didn’t explain, they just gave us different goals and that’s the one I chose.

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