Spring break time!

First day of spring break for me. Started off with me lounging in bed, which in itself is pretty impressive as I normally can’t stand doing it for too long. But this morning I lounged and hung out with Gene and Pippin and it was lovely. I then got too hungry and since I was in no mood to eat cereal or toast I drove to King Soopers for some orange rolls. Life is too short to not enjoy orange rolls for breakfast, am I right?

The homies and I then made our way to Waterton Canyon where we walked for a little over 6 miles and saw two groups of sheep. It was a nice walk but my energy level was really low and I went quite slowly. My goal is to hike as many weekends as I can, weather permitting, from now until we go to Grand Lake in July so I can be extra fit for Mt. Ida (it’s all about Mt Ida). Waterton Canyon is pretty flat though so it wasn’t really a workout but it was good to be outside and to walk.

After our short hike we went to Beau Jo’s Pizza for lunch. Gene’s coworker calls it the “Casa Bonita” of Colorado, but only in the idea that it’s a Colorado staple and locals take visitors there. None of us had ever heard of it before but they say they have Colorado-style pizza so we wanted to try it. I’m still not sure what Colorado-style pizza is but the pizza was delicious. We got one that had chicken, pineapple, onions, ranch dressing (instead of tomato sauce), and sriracha. Oh my gosh it was so good. New favorite, if we ever make homemade pizza I’m going to make that. The crust was huge, huge enough that they give you honey to eat with it if you want. I really liked that idea.

Now we’re home and relaxing some more before possibly watching a D&D show tonight.

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