Happenings of the week

On Tuesday I spent time with Kaitlin, my mom, and EG! We hung around the house for a bit where I tried Kevin’s homemade Greek yogurt (super good with honey), had Chick-fil-A, and talked to my adorable niece who smiled at me multiple times! 🙂

Kaitlin and I then went to the mall to look for dresses as I plan on getting a nice dress for the low-key wedding Gene and I are having in June. I ended up buying two dresses but I’m not sure if I’ll wear either of them for our wedding. We’ll see, I’ll be going back to Kaitlin’s tomorrow to try on some more dresses!

While we were at the mall, Kaitlin and I saw this macaron store and I knew we had to go. I’ve been wanting macarons for a while and it turns out so has Kaitlin! So we treated ourselves to four macarons: raspberry, pistachio, oreo, and nutella. Pistachio turned out to be both our favorite, which was odd, because it was the most subtle flavor of all. The two of us will have to make our own macarons sometime!

I made snickerdoodle bread yesterday for the first time after seeing a post on reddit that looked good. You can find the recipe here. I used sour cream in place of Greek yogurt at the redditor’s suggestion. I didn’t put in any additions either but I imagine if I ever get my hands on some cinnamon chips that it would be delicious in there. The bread turned out tasty, it’s just sweet cinnamon bread, and it was easy to make.

Last night we had dinner at a Korean restaurant with some of Elisabeth’s friends who were visiting from California. The restaurant was great because they gave us so many side dishes and they refilled them if we asked. The main dish I got was good too. I would definitely go back.

Today I went on a hike with Gene and Sidney to North Table Mountain, a plateau right next to Golden. At Sidney’s encouragement, I discovered that my camera had a miniaturize setting which changed my world. I had wanted to take miniaturized photos FOR SO LONG but didn’t explore my camera enough to realize I could do it. After I discovered that I proceeded to take A LOT of miniature pictures. The hike itself was cool – it started with a very steep incline but after a mile we got to the top of the plateau and were greeted with such a lovely view. Click here to see my full photo album.

After we got home I made some cookies and cream homemade ice cream which somewhat sadly did not turn out as delicious as I thought it would. Not quite sure why but perhaps if we add more oreos it will help. I’m not that bummed though because it’s good to try new things and new recipes so that in itself is great.


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