Visiting Kaitlin!

Pippin, miniaturized.

Yesterday was a great day because I got to see Kaitlin, Kevin, and EG! I also went ring shopping and Gene bought our wedding rings!! They are currently getting sized for us so we will pick them up at a later date and we’ll exchange them in June during our wedding.

We hung out at Kaitlin’s for the afternoon where I tried on some dresses for potential wedding outfits. I believe I have found the dress I will wear! Both Kaitlin and Sidney really liked it which is a great sign. Gene went into the other room so it will be a surprise for him so even though we aren’t sticking to the traditional wedding ceremony we are keeping pieces and keeping it fun.

EG in her new hat! It’s quite big on her but she doesn’t care, she knows she’s cute!

Little EG is doing better than she has been but she’s still struggling with reflux issues. Kaitlin has stayed amazingly patient and tells EG how much she loves her all the time. What a wonderful mom! EG adores Kaitlin as, during the moments she’s not crying, she’s smiling up at her mom and trying to talk to her.

We stayed for dinner and made homemade pizzas which was so awesome because it meant I got to make my own version of Beau Jo’s ranch and sriracha pizza. I LOVED it. It was just as tasty, if not more so, as Beau Jo’s. I also discovered, thanks to Kevin, that garlic on pizza is delicious. How have I never tried that before?! I mean, I like garlic bread and garlic pizza crust. Just never thought of it.

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