Muffins and reddit

Saturday was quite nice. I made homemade muffins for the first time in my life. Chocolate chip muffins. I had found this recipe (it’s a youtube video) via reddit (click here for my text version) and since it seemed fairly easy I decided to give it a go. They turned out pretty well, the distribution of chocolate chips was decent, although there were more at the bottom than the top. The muffins dried out quickly though so I’ll have to put them away sooner next time.

In between baking and cooking the muffins I played with reddit’s /r/place, a subreddit that popped up on Friday where one can place a colored pixel on a canvas. Kevin had told Gene and Sidney about it at dinner and Sidney showed me Friday night. The two of us then proceeded to work on Finn and Jake, characters from a TV show we like. It is really fun and truly fascinating to me as I saw changes from Friday night to Saturday morning to Saturday night to this morning. The things that people created together, sometimes without any actual communication, are amazing.

Today is much nicer than yesterday so I’m hoping to go for a walk. Shortly the girls and I will be heading to the movies to watch Beauty and the Beast, it’s going to be a great day.

This is how Finn and Jake looked yesterday
This is how Finn and Jake look now, even better!

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