Lovely day outside

This morning I made muffins again – this time I made raspberry lemon and lemon poppy seed muffins – two flavors! The raspberry lemon turned out quite wonderful and is something I will definitely make again. The poppy seed one wasn’t bad but you couldn’t really taste the lemon. If I make that one again I’ll add more lemon zest. Still, it was decent and better than the poppy seed muffins you buy at the store.

The homies and I decided that instead of going on a hike today we would go to Cheesman park for a picnic, games, and possibly ice cream. It was a great decision. The weather was so nice and barely windy at all – score! We ate our food and then played Wise or Otherwise and Hanabi. I really enjoyed our time there. We then walked over to Liks ice cream where we treated ourselves before heading back home. We spent over 2 1/2 hours outside and it was lovely.

After coming back home I then worked on the backyard a bit. My plan is to put rocks along the back fence so it looks nicer (dirt and weeds is not a good look it turns out). I’m maybe a quarter of the way done, and I like it already, it’s going to look much nicer back there. I hope to finish more tomorrow if the weather holds up.

I’m also going to Disney on Ice with Elisabeth tomorrow – she got us free tickets! First time going and I’m excited.

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