Disney on ice & fajitas for lunch

Since we got free tickets, we treated ourselves to cotton candy. An Olaf hat came with it (Elisabeth is proudly wearing it above)

Elisabeth and I went to Disney on Ice today. The first time either of us had been to one and it was super fun. There were some truly amazing ice skaters – they did some awesome tricks and moves. As someone who has been ice skating once in her life, I was genuinely impressed with what these people were doing. That takes a lot of work and a lot of strength. They did a great job and Elisabeth and I both geeked out and had a great time.

When we got home I made myself fajitas to bring to lunch all week. My first meal prep, we’ll see how it turns out tomorrow. I made onions, bell peppers, chicken, and rice. I divided everything into five containers and bam, now I have lunch for the week. I used this recipe. It looks and smells good so I’m thinking it’ll be pretty successful. And the fact that I won’t have to do anything in the mornings except grab my container means I’m already on the right track.

Got out very minimal Easter decorations yesterday – nice addition to the mantel.


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