Backyard and catio

This weekend Gene and I did some work in the backyard. We made progress with the strip of rocks along the back fence, it’s coming along nicely, it’s almost done. It makes the backyard look noticeably better, a little less dirt. We cleaned off the patio table and brought our bench from the porch to the back for more seating. It’s time to have dinners outside!

Saturday morning Sidney and I went to the Botanic Gardens for a plant sale. I bought a few different plants and will plant them in planters for the backyard tomorrow. This backyard is going to be a great hangout spot this year. I’m determined to spend loads of time outdoors.

On top of that, I bought Pippin a “cat tree” for his catio. Sidney and I put it together a few days ago and although Pippin hasn’t used it yet (it’s not the most stable), it’s only a matter of time, especially once I put catnip in the scratching box that came with it. I also got him grass at Lowes last weekend. Gene put it in his catio and I’ve been watering it throughout the week. Hasn’t died yet and Pippin likes it.

Gene and I walked around the lake at our old apartment complex this afternoon and then Gene made milkshakes while I made banana pudding (the dessert). It’s been a really relaxing, enjoyable weekend. The sun and warm weather does me so much good.

4 thoughts on “Backyard and catio

    1. I did get them off Amazon. yours look larger than mine. I was trying to get ones like yours actually, because I love how you do your balcony!

      1. That’s possible — mine aren’t available anymore but here are ones that are the same size (or at least close)

        Both those links are cheaper than mine were too –but only by like $6 hahaha

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