Food on top of food

Today was a food filled day. One teammate brought in homemade carrot cake as a morning snack – two layers of carrot cake with raisins, pecans, and cream cheese-mascarpone icing. It was good but rich and I ate my piece slowly, which is probably the best way to eat dessert anyway (if only I would tell myself that with all the other tasty treats I eat). I was also reminded that lunch would be provided for me today – I had completely forgotten but luckily had only packed half a sandwich and yogurt so that worked well. My department tried a new caterer that one of my coworkers had heard about last week. It was also good, some of it was even delicious, and I ate way more than I should have (a problem I have with catered food). The food was Japanese style – teriyaki and yakisoba chicken and beef with rice, noodles, and vegetables. We had three different kinds of gyoza too which was awesome and homemade cookies which was even more awesome. Now I’m stuffed and don’t need to eat for another day.

On top of that, Elisabeth brought me home an adorable acorn eraser from her weekend excursion to Boulder. It was such a lovely surprise and is totally me.  


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