Time to blog

It’s time to get back on the blog train. Highlights of my week

The homies and I ate dinner on our deck on Tuesday. There is something so calming and relaxing about eating outside. We had hamburgers and fruit salad – quintessential outdoor food.

We made BBQ chicken nachos for dinner another night. Got the recipe from a cookbook I got at the library. The nachos were delicious, the bbq chicken really made the dish. Dinner was great because I did almost nothing to prepare – Gene did the majority of it. Gotta love a meal you didn’t cook yourself.

I brought my tetris lamp to work and got multiple positive comments about it. Not only is it cool how you put it together but it looks cool. Lovely addition to my desk.

An old college friend, Momo came to visit us for the weekend. We went to the Denver Nature and Science Museum yesterday and went downtown today. We ate at Crave Burger yesterday where I got a delicious burger and shake. Momo got a giant burger that had an egg, fried pork, ham, and a hotdog on it. Needless to say she took half of it home.

It’s a lovely day outside so maybe we’ll eat outdoors again. We don’t have any solid plans yet for our evening but whatever we end up doing it will be fun!



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