Pizza and biscuits

Gene’s pizza – look at that beauty!

Last night we made homemade pizzas. Thank you Kaitlin and Kevin for giving us the idea! Elisabeth and I made our favorite ranch and sriracha pizza – it turned out pretty well although we could have put more pineapple and chicken on. Gene made his own personal pan pizza (with one entire pizza crust) and loved it. Sidney and Momo made a pizza to share as well. Sidney and I then introduced Momo to the Great British Bake Off show – what a treat. On the season we watched there is a 17 year old girl contestant. That’s quite the feat since most of the other contestants are in their 60s. She was one of the best on that episode too. I’ll have to keep watching the season.

This morning I took a half day off work so I could drive Momo to the airport. Sidney, Momo, and I went to the Denver Biscuit Company for breakfast where I got a huge biscuit cinnamon roll and a biscuit on the side. I didn’t finish either but both were up to par. Denver Biscuit Company’s biscuits are huge, they are about the diameter of my hand and a couple of inches thick. Pour on some local Colorado honey and oh my goodness what more can you ask for (except maybe a cup of milk?). The cinnamon roll was delicious as well. I liked it because the icing wasn’t too rich and the parts I ate had just enough of it. I’m not a huge icing person and I generally find that restaurants put way more icing than is necessary on their goodies but this wasn’t the case.

Cool light at Denver Biscuit Company

After breakfast we had a bit of time to kill so we parked at City Park and took a quick walk. There are still parts of this park that I haven’t walked through, which is really cool. I usually stay near the museum and this time we were towards the other end of it. We walked around the Martin Luther King Jr statue and African American monument, saw a Robert Burns statue (creator of the famous Auld Lang Syne song) as well as a few different types of cannons from the Civil War, and watched some birds on a small island behind the zoo. They were some kind of heron we think and boy were they funny when they went from swimming in the pond to flying. The transition was laughable, and we did laugh.

We took Momo to the airport after that and said our goodbyes. Hopefully it won’t be as long this time until we see her again. I think it may be time to visit Japan in the next couple of years!

Those trees are filled with birds, the little clumps are nests.


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