Cute office goodies from Japan

When Momo came to visit she brought with her some adorable office supplies. I took panda stickers and a panda sticker roller to work and showed considerable restraint in not decorating my whole desk with pandas.

Momo got these items at Daiso, a dollar Japanese store that sadly does not exist in Denver. If we did have one in here I’d get so many cute doodads and trinkets for everyone. Although we have a decent Korean and Chinese population, I guess we don’t have a large enough Japanese population to warrant Daiso to come here. But that’s a silly reason, you don’t have to be Japanese to buy stuff from a Japanese store!

4 thoughts on “Cute office goodies from Japan

  1. Also, here it’s the $1.50 store — but from what I hear, it’s the 100 yen store, but like here they have things that are more than 100 yen.

    The most expensive Item here in WA that I’ve seen is $8 which is still a good price! I buy a lot of my things for school there! We also bought a bunch of their adorable erasers to use as DND mini figs haha

    1. You do not need to buy me anything, just take me there next time I visit you! Yeah, Elisabeth was telling us that stuff does cost more than a $1 but it’s still pretty cheap.

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