D&D & weekend

Although the original plan for the weekend was to visit my parents, plans changed Friday evening when, less than halfway there, I decided to turn around and go back home.  I was having a stressful time driving down the highway while heavy snow fell towards my car. The roads were bad and I was getting disoriented with the snow so I made the decision. I was bummed, and of course, Saturday morning the roads were clear, so lesson learned to wait a day and go up Saturday. I’ll go visit my parents for Mother’s Day in a couple weeks so it will be all good!

On my home from work on Friday I stopped at the library and picked up a 3D printed key chain I had requested – it’s the D&D logo! The detail is great and I’m quite pleased with it.

Saturday I stayed in all day reading, looking at D&D adventures (I’m going to DM again!), playing tetris, and watching Arrival. Earlier today Sidney and I ran a few errands where I bought shoes for my “wedding” dress and picked up Gene’s wedding ring! My ring was too small so I left it at the jeweler’s to be resized. I’ll pick it up on my way to my parent’s in a couple weeks.

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