Happy May

It’s May 1st – happy May Day everyone! How crazy is it that April has already come and gone and I don’t have much to show for it (I did finish reading two books at least – woot!). Now is the time for me to seize the days and truly live each day as the warmth comes back. My coworker Brenda surprised me with a fun flower toy today for May Day – one of those toys you press the bottom of and the flower moves. Such a nice thought.

I always used to consider May as being part of summer but living in Colorado the past five years (and growing up) has taught me that this is not the case. Still, I want the warmer days and am ready to wear skirts and t-shirts without being cold. Went on a walk this evening and am happy to report that the plants in the front yard are, for the most part, doing wonderfully. Some are quite large already and I’m thinking our yard is going to be really beautiful in another month, especially when I buy some annuals to add color. 

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