Work and home life

Today was a slightly long day at work. It wasn’t work heavy – far from it actually – but it was still long. I supported a network meeting today where I watched each school give a presentation about themselves. It was interesting because I learned more about the schools (the purpose was to sell their school) and am happy to say the leaders seem to truly care about their students. We have so much need in this city, and country, in regards to education, that it can be seriously depressing to think about some of the things our educational system does. So when I hear leaders speaking their truth about what they honestly believe needs to happen, it’s refreshing and gives me a tiny bit of hope.

We also had BBQ for lunch which was great, especially since I ate with some people (I generally eat alone at these things) and had some really nice conversations. Socializing can be good!

I went grocery shopping with Sidney after work and then hopped in my workout clothes to exercise since I skipped the workout this morning. Dedication, right! Just finished working out with Elisabeth and Sidney and now everyone is making dinner while I sit here writing this. The near future is looking lovely – spaghetti I didn’t make, a shower and maybe an episode of Bob’s Burgers – sounds nice, right?

Me and Pippin chilling by the window

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