A day in the life of me – Friday

Our Pathfinder game was successful last night with Elisabeth giving the final blow to the villain of the night – a floating head. Although the Pathfinder game we are playing is quite difficult with new mechanics we’re getting used to and have been doing quite well. I believe we only had to replay a game once. Granted, we’re only in the first adventure pack so who knows what will come when we get into the higher levels. One complaint though: the rules aren’t always very clear and there are few resources on the internet. The game could use a better presence online (or make the rules better).

To celebrate May the 4th yesterday, Elisabeth made some Tie Fighter cookies – oreo thin crisps with marshmallow fluff. They were good but the oreos were better by themselves. These are my favorite oreos – they’re thin and don’t have any filling, they’re great! Sad thing is they only come in 100 calorie packs so they’re a bit pricey and I never get them. On the plus side, I don’t actually need more sugar and dessert in my life, so the higher price is really a win for me.

Work today was quite relaxed, many people were missing, including the higher ups, so the atmosphere was really calm and free. My coworker, Darlene, turned on some 80s music, we had leftover bagels from a meeting, and one of my managers grabbed me a brownie treat from upstairs. And then, after I came up with a decent solution to a problem he had, he gave me a Collaboration pin. Denver Public Schools has 6 values that all employees are supposed to work by and when we represent one of those values really well, we can get a pin. My manager thought I showed collaboration and kindly found a pin to give me. It was very thoughtful and made me feel very happy and loved.

I also finally brought in the two dried roses I kept from the bouquet Gene got me when he proposed and added them as well as some purple flowers to my flower vase at work. Lovely additions to my desk decor.

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