Flowers, food, and D&D

Yesterday afternoon Sidney and I went to Nick’s Garden Center, our local plant nursery, and bought some flowers for the yard! We got a variety of flowers including violas (pansies), marigolds, and a bit more moss. We’ll probably go back to get more flowers as well as a bush for the front side yard. I am hoping that this year we can attract some bees and butterflies – we want those pollinators! I’m also just so excited to make the front and back more colorful, I’m really looking forward to spending lots of time outside this warm season.

Gene is Honey Wolverine with the honey Sidney & I got at the garden center

We then decided that instead of making sweet potatoes for dinner we would go to Taco Bell partly because it was Cinco de Mayo, but really, who needs an excuse to go to Taco Bell. I ate two cheesy gordita crunches, which, for those who don’t know, is a crunchy taco with a gordita soft shell wrapped on the outside. Aka deliciousness. The man who took our order was the nicest fast food employee I think I have ever come across. He not only got my order right and my name right, but he was courteous, wished me a good meal, was polite, and bid me a good evening when we left. He was awesome and I will fill out the survey I got on my receipt to compliment him.

After Taco Bell we hopped over to Dairy Queen to try their Guardians of the Galaxy blizzard. Since we’re seeing the second movie tomorrow Elisabeth had the grand idea of making our weekend a Guardians themed one and what better way to do that than eat a Guardians of the Galaxy official blizzard? The blizzard is chocolate pieces, brookie pieces (brownie cookie) and caramel. I added brownie pieces to mine and boy was it delicious. It’s my new favorite flavor. I got a medium so I could have leftovers. Gene got an extra large. That’s right, an extra large blizzard is a size it turns out. I asked the young man at the counter how often one is ordered and he told me about one every two or three weeks. Good job Gene on being that one person this time around!

After our escapades outside we came back to the house and played Dungeons and Dragons until 10:30pm (which is late for me these days). We beat a bad guy and made a bit of progress in learning what is currently plaguing the land.

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