Mac and cheese night!

Yesterday the homies and I made two different recipes of mac and cheese to try to figure out which one was better. Mac and cheese recipes can be hit or miss so my thought was that we’d try out lots of them throughout the year and discover which one we liked the best. We made Elisabeth’s baked macaroni and cheese and Terry Crew’s mac and cheese for our first go.

Elisabeth’s is on the left, Terry’s is on the right

It was way more difficult to decide a favorite than I thought it would be, which is a good thing! Both were delicious – creamy and cheesy. In the end I decided I liked Elisabeth’s recipe the best but only by a very slight margin. I would gladly make Terry’s mac and cheese again – it was actually easier to make. Gene and Sidney couldn’t decide, it was that close. Elisabeth gave the suggestion that we combine the recipes and see how we like that mixture so we’ll have to try to that in the future.

Have a mac and cheese recipe you swear by? Send it to me – we’ll try it out!

2 thoughts on “Mac and cheese night!

    1. Costco’s mac and cheese is much cheesier and creamier – it’s still the best I think. Not sure we’ll ever be able to beat that one!

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