Wonder Woman, Kaitlin, Pippin

After a break from blogging it’s time to get back into it.

This weekend was great – I watched Wonder Woman, spent time with Kaitlin, and bought more flowers! To top it all off the weather was nice both days and we even had dinner outside Sunday evening.

Wonder Woman was a good movie. Other than some cheesy, cliche scenes, I really enjoyed it. I understand they needed those scenes to move forward with the character but I still didn’t like them. I’m really ready for stories about strong women that don’t involve falling in love. The fight scenes, however, were on point. There were a few times where I could clearly see the scene was CGI but happily, most of the scenes were done by actual women. And oh my goodness were those women awesome! Go see that movie solely just to see badass women doing impressive jumps, flips, and stunts.

After the movie I went to visit Kaitlin and Kevin. I completely forgot to get a picture of EG, I feel so bummed! She continues to fill in a bit and she was pretty happy when I saw her. It’s so nice that she has no problem with people holding her. I’m sure that will change as she gets older but it’s so much fun holding her that I enjoy doing it while I can.

We did a bit of yard work in their backyard and Kevin even pulled out a huge juniper bush root (those things are nasty). Only a bit longer and it will be wedding time at their house! I really hope the weather holds out for us to be able to eat outside. These afternoon rainstorms make me a bit cautious.

On Sunday I went to the plant nursery to buy flowers for the wedding. It’s one of the gifts my parents got me. They paid to have me get some pots and flowers for decorations. I’ll then get to take them home. I got three pots and planted everything last night and I am super pleased. I almost think I could make money off of making flower pots. Now to make sure these plants survive until the wedding. I think they should be okay.

After doing some tree trimming last weekend (thank you Gene!) we had a large branch that we thought would go great in Pippin’s catio. Gene broke it down yesterday and we put it in there for Pippin’s pleasure. Pippin came out eventually and easily was climbing around it. He then figured out that he was really close to the top cover and that there just happened to be a gap in it big enough for him to get through, so he escaped. Gotta give him props, it was smart. Yesterday I put up chicken wire and that has stopped him…for now. 

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