Botanic garden and pizza with Gene

I worked late on Wednesday to help one of my managers with a parent meeting at a school. Because of that I got to leave early from work today. I wanted to have lunch with Gene but I got out a bit before lunchtime so I swung over to the Botanic Gardens first. It was such a lovely day and with the membership card I have thanks to a teammate at work, I got in for free! I wandered around for a while and took pictures of flowers and plants I want for my own yard. It was surprisingly busy with people when I went but I was able to find a couple areas with minimal traffic. I sat in the shade and watched a duck and her babies swim by. It was fun.

I then met up with Gene at a nearby park for lunch. He had ordered and picked up a pizza for us and we ate in the grass. We got a gyro-style pizza with feta, lamb, olives, and tomatoes. It was pretty good, although there wasn’t enough tzakiki sauce for our liking.

Now I’m back home and relaxing – here’s to a great, extra warm weekend!

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