Face mask and afternoon at home

This morning one of my teammates came over with a small stack of face masks. She laid them on my desk and let me choose one. There were some interesting options, including one with bits of snail. I chose the water one because water hydrates the skin, right? The caveat for taking one of her masks is that I have to take a picture of my face and send it to her whenever I use the mask. I figure that’s something I can easily do for a free mask.

I then went home around 12pm to work from home the rest of the day. I decided I wanted to work from home in the afternoons during summer break and since my team was okay with it I started today. There will be some days where I will have to stay the whole day or leave a little later but for the most part I plan on doing half days at work and half days at home through July. Pretty cool that my job is that flexible. It means I get to hang out with Pippin more!

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