Wedding countdown!

My soon to be official in-laws have arrived for wedding festivities! They landed yesterday morning, early enough to have lunch with Gene (I was stuck in meetings) and run around Denver. I saw them in the evening where we made lentil tacos, went on a walk, and played a game.

While I was at work, my coworkers and team surprised me with a little wedding celebration party. I had no idea they were planning this, it truly took me by surprise, so much so that I was in a bit of shock. I felt so incredibly loved. There were so many people there, even people from my old athletic days! They had a cake for me and gave me presents (I have a really cool picnic basket now!). What I really liked was that they all wrote down their favorite recipes and gave them to me in a recipe box. It was so thoughtful and amazingly caring. I’m still in shock a day later.

2 thoughts on “Wedding countdown!

  1. It is always nice to be loved and appreciated by those around us. Your caring for and about others is shining through in how others treat you in kind. So very happy for you!

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