Saturday running around

This morning, Gene and I went to the jeweler’s to get Gene’s ring a bit smaller. Thankfully our jeweler is pretty awesome and does these adjustments free of charge. After we dropped off the ring we went to Kaitlin’s house to say hello and pick up the flower pots we had left from the wedding last weekend. I love having my flowers back, they’re just so pretty!

We then used the new picnic basket I received from a coworker to eat lunch at Utah Park, the park near our first apartment from five years ago. I forget how close it is, it’s a fairly nice park and the picnic and walk were fun.

I later went to Lowe’s to buy a stake for the ginormous hollyhock flowers we have in the front yard. They are FINALLY BLOOMING! Turns out I love hollyhocks, they’re such a cool and beautiful flower. I’m now trying to think where in the yard I could plant more (answer: everywhere?). One of our hollyhocks was so tall that it started to lean and I didn’t want it to get so heavy that it ended up snapping. I’m not sure how well I tied the plant to the stake but so far it seems okay. I’m getting more and more excited about what I’m going to do in the front yard, give it another year, maybe two, and it will be chock full of gorgeous flowers and plants.


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