Marvel Live: Age of Heroes

Yesterday, Sidney, Gene, and I went to a Marvel Live show (like the one we went to last year). Elisabeth had gotten us free suite tickets through her work. I had never been in a suite before so it was a cool experience for me. There were only 12 seats (which were very comfy) and behind the seats was a bar where you could sit and behind that was a little kitchen and behind that was a bathroom! It was quite fancy. Someone ended up bringing us popcorn, pretzels, and potato chips too so we munched on those while we watched the show.

The show was cheesy, as expected, but it was a lot of fun. Hearing all the kids cheer when the heroes came out was so much fun. One little boy in our suite was quite excited, he was bouncing in his chair for parts of the show and he kept waving to all the superheros.

So excited we’re in a suite

The show was better than the last time we went. There were aerial acrobats that did tricks on those long strips of fabric, that was beautiful. There were also fire dancers which was mesmerizing and awesome. And of course the heroes were all there and kicking butt.

It was a fun evening, too bad that Elisabeth couldn’t come, but we’ll see her tonight at the Hans Zimmer concert!

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