Art, games, and musicals

Yesterday I made some art, played Pandemic Legacy, and ordered Book of Mormon tickets!

Using a postcard, sticker, and polaroids from the Grand Lake trip, I put together a little art piece to hang on the wall. Although the background doesn’t look as bright as I thought it would, I like it. I can always add more to it, which is a nice thought, and it allows me to see these pictures everyday rather than stuffing them in a drawer.

The housemates and I played Pandemic Legacy for our second time and we succeeded yet again! This game is intense – it is so much fun because it’s similar enough to Pandemic that you feel generally comfortable playing but rules keep changing and stuff is added on that it gives the game a whole new element and challenge. It’s way more serious when we’re playing because permanent changes can and do happen to our game when we make mistakes but that’s part of the enjoyment. My cousin, Sean, has played the entire thing and he loved it, which makes me excited for our future games.

In addition to all that, we bought tickets to next year’s showing of Book of Mormon, the awesome Broadway musical Gene and I saw a couple years ago. It’s coming back to Denver and I knew I wanted to go again so I convinced the housemates to go too. What’s even cooler is that Sean agreed to come with us so he’ll fly down for a couple days!

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