Comedy Works

Last night Elisabeth and I went to Comedy Works for the first time. Elisabeth had free tickets so we only had to pay for our food. Neither of us had heard of the comedian, Justine Marino, but the tickets were expiring and I was up for going out so I figured why not. I really enjoyed the openers: Troy Walker, Stephen Agyei, and Al Goodwin. I had never heard of them either but man, they were funny. I enjoyed Troy’s and Stephen’s sets so much. Al started a bit rocky for me but he had some great parts as well. I would definitely go and listen to Troy and Stephen again. I thought they were better than Justine, interestingly enough. The problem with Justine was that I googled her before we left to ensure her humor and my humor matched up. I watched three different YouTube videos, about 2 minutes each, and thought “yeah, she’s decent.” Five minutes into her set and she was telling one of the jokes I had watched. Immediate disappointment that she hadn’t prepared new material. Ten minutes later she was telling another joke I had seen! By the end of her set she had told every joke I had watched. I get that comedians tell the same jokes to different audiences, but I’ve never come across this before – where I watch a video clip of a comedian and then watch them live tell the same joke. Maybe this happens a lot and I have just been lucky before.

But overall it was a fun evening. The food wasn’t great, the tables were super tiny and we were right next to other people but that’s how it was for everyone. The drink I got was delicious and get this, was a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated cocktail! Thank you Comedy Works for providing those, I wish every restaurant did that. I don’t think I would pay to go to a show but if Elisabeth gets free tickets again I’d check my calendar.

This was where we saw the eclipse

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