Rugby games

Elisabeth and I biked to Infinity Park earlier this morning to watch a few rugby games. Yet again, she scored us free tickets through her work (with vip passes too). Infinity Park is just down the street from her work so it was a quick bike ride – less than 30 minutes. I had never been to this park before and only briefly  seen a college rugby game so I was interested in what I would think.

I really enjoyed it. We found a spot in the shade (the seats are giant concrete stairs) and because we were watching a shortened version of the game, we stayed for five games. The games were only 14 minutes each and had only seven players per team. There were teams from all over the world including Fiji, the Cayman Islands, and that mysterious Canada. The game was more interesting than other sports, which is saying something since I don’t like any athletic event, and I actually followed most of what was going on. Okay, well, I followed the guys running around with the ball, I didn’t care enough about the rules to learn them.

As part of the VIP pass, we got free drinks and food, so Elisabeth grabbed us some while we watched and we ate some more before heading home. I definitely want to go again as I found it to be relaxing and fun. That was surprising to me but it’s true.

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