Donuts, Mexican, and Meseret!

Monday started with donuts – and how can you go wrong from there? Thanks to Gene, I had snagged a deal at Krispy Kreme and figured it would be a nice treat for everyone in my department if I shared. They were a big hit. I would like to do something like that once or twice a month as I think it will help my team’s morale. And everyone likes food. One of my main goals this new school year is to bring more happiness and fun to my department as we could all use more of those.

After work I met up with my long time friend, Meseret, who, for the past 5 months has been in Ethiopia working on her dissertation regarding education. I always love seeing her and talking with her so I was thrilled she reserved some time to see me while she was visiting town. We went to Los Chingones in DTC, a hipster Mexican restaurant I had never been to before. I quite liked their garden guacamole and tofu taco. I would probably go again. Conversation was lovely and it was a nice way to end my day.

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