A New Way to Dinner – Dinners for the week

After hearing about a cool cookbook. Gene wanted to try out some of the recipes. And if Gene wants to try something then it means we do it! This cookbook is set up by the week, you make multiple meals, or parts of a meal, on a Sunday and thus have less to do throughout the work week. I checked out the cookbook from the library (thanks, library!) and Monday morning we got cooking.

It took us roughly 2 hours to do most everything (there were a few items that had to sit to cool or be checked on every so often). We made two meals plus a few different parts of other meals.

P1100522My thoughts so far:

These meals are a bit fancier than they need to be. The authors are from New York and it sounds like they work for a food company/blog so I think they’re a bit separated from what a normal person eats. Not only that but our cost was pricey – generally the amount we spent would last us two weeks, not one. If I were to do this kind of thing more consistently (and I hope to!) then a lot of tweaking would need to occur.

Blueberry ice for dessert!

The cool part is that everything is planned out so not only do I get to try things I wouldn’t normally, I don’t have to decide what to eat, it’s already been decided. I really like that. Sunday’s meal was Thai steak salad, roasted tomatoes, and jasmine rice with homemade limeade. I wasn’t sure if I would like it all but it was tasty. I even had some of the limeade (watered down a little). Today we’re having fish tacos.

The concept of cooking all your meals, or at least as much as you can, in one day is really appealing to me and I would like to try this again. But first I’ll get through the week and see how it all turns out.

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