Dinner for the week – thoughts

Well, the week is over and as of Friday evening we have no more prepared meals. The result? I would not make those set of meals again. I liked the dinners well enough when I ate them but afterwards I realized I didn’t like them THAT much. I tried eating the leftovers but each time I did I felt a bit sick or weird. That’s not great. I think this was mainly two fold: I didn’t enjoy the fancy steak as much as I hoped and all but one meal was just a bit too different from what I normally like to eat.

I’m bummed that the meals didn’t turn out as awesome as I thought they sounded but it wasn’t all bad. It was so nice to not decide what to make for dinner. Because even though we usually meal plan, we never decide what day we’re having what ahead of time (at least not to this extent). And because of that, we did meal prep again this morning! But this time we did meals that we were familiar with and knew we liked. I created the list earlier this week and thus far the prep seems to have been a success. It took us less time than last week and the majority of it was chopping vegetables. I think our meals are healthier than the cookbook’s and I think they will be tastier. If both those things turn out to be true then I will share the meal prep list on my blog in case anyone else is interested. Meals this week are: bbq chicken nachos, veggie fried rice, bbq chicken sandwiches with corn on the cob, veggie noodle soup, and yakisoba (noodles with veggies).

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