Meal Prep – Personal Try a Success!

Last week’s dinners were a success – I liked them much better than the ones we made from the cookbook. On top of that, the ingredients cost us $80 instead of $170 like the week prior. That’s an impressive difference. Everything but the yakisoba kept quite well too (the yakisoba noodles got too mushy but they were still edible) and reheating everything went smoothly and quickly.

Here is what we did in case anyone is interested in doing the same, with the necessary changes for next time already added in. Know that we did this for four people and with three people’s help.

I’m really liking this meal prep thing and plan on doing it again, most likely next week since I haven’t finished creating the next set of recipes. It’s just so nice coming home from work and knowing I won’t have to cook, it visibly relaxes me more. Who knew!

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