Catch up – Edward and Lydia

Catch up time – will I ever be consistent for longer than a month or two these days? Who knows.

Edward came to visit last week. He went to Denver’s Beer Festival and got to hang out with us afterward. We had a mini birthday celebration since both our birthdays are in November and we have yet to spend our birthdays together as adults. It was Edward’s idea and I loved it. We went to Board Game Republic and spent 4 ½ hours playing games and eating snacks. I absolutely had a blast. We then ate out for dinner and came home to mini bundt cakes and some goodies I picked up from DBar.

Then this past weekend, Lydia arrived for a visit! We pulled her into our meal prep Sunday morning and then took her to Elitch’s, because why not. I solidified my belief that I’m not meant for roller coasters or other high/loopy rides and learned that Elitch’s really isn’t for me. But the day was gorgeous so I enjoyed being outside and I did like two of the rides I went on.

On Tuesday, we got our hands on some pumpkins and carved or painted them. I carved mine into Toothless again, same pattern as I did last year since it was so successful. Lydia carved a face of her own design – it is so cute, especially with the buck teeth she bought for it. Elisabeth and Sidney painted theirs.

Wednesday, we met up for dinner after work and then went to Board Game Republic again for their trivia night. It was a lot of fun – mostly because WE WON. That’s right, out of 10 or so groups, we won. I was thrilled, ecstatic, amazed. We got a $25 gift certificate to Board Game Republic, which covers are entry fee the next time we end up going. It was great!

Yesterday, Gene, Sidney and I met up downtown after work, had dinner, and then went to see Mike Birbiglia, a comic, at the Paramount. I treated myself to some Jamba Juice (it was super tasty) and we got dinner at Obento, a Japanese style restaurant off of 16th street. The food was pretty decent, and was priced reasonably. I got a teriyaki beef bento box and it filled me up nicely.

Mike Birbilgia, and the opening act, the Lucas Brothers, were so funny. I think this was the hardest I have laughed at any comedian. It was fantastic, I was laughing so hard I could barely breath. I was clapping and cheering – I was that into it!  I loved both sets so much – highly recommend if they come to your area. There was cussing but the humor itself was pretty dang clean if that matters to anyone. The jokes were original and hilarious – had a wonderful time!

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    1. I already trashed mine because it was rotting and yours is a bit warped from the warm weather. Sadly they did not last long!

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