Amazon Treasure Truck

IMG_20171026_111147On Thursday, Amazon notified me that their Treasure Truck was in the area and for $10 I could get a bag of candy and a pumpkin. I said “hell yes” because I wanted to try it out (and who doesn’t need candy and pumpkins around this time of year?). For those that don’t know, Amazon’s Treasure Truck is a new feature to Denver (been in Seattle for a while now). Amazon puts a product (ex. candy) in multiple trucks and parks them throughout the city. Your phone then gets notified that the trucks are around and what they’re selling. If you choose to buy what’s on offer, you get a list of truck locations. After choosing the location closest to you, you’re given the time frame for pickup.

The pickup location was only three blocks from work – what a great excuse to go outside for a bit – so I went for it. It was a lot of fun. I spotted the truck a block away – it was so cool – very reminiscent of an old fair. Colors, flashing lights, very awesome. Someone even took the time to carve some pretty great pumpkins. It was really cold that day so I didn’t stay long but it was a very seamless, easy process to get my goodies. I will definitely do this again!


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