Fridge, comedy, and lunch

This past weekend started with a new fridge. I felt like such an adult buying it, like, “Am I really old enough to do this?” I guess this is how I’ll feel every time we replace an appliance. So we got a fridge to replace our old one from 1999 which was leaking and freezing our leftovers. It’s so fancy and new and it makes me feel like I’m in an airbnb, not my own home.

Gene and I watched Dimitri Martin Saturday evening. I hadn’t seen much of his work so I wasn’t sure I was going to like him. Happily, I really enjoyed him. He had such amazing timing, telling one joke after another with just enough time for the audience to get a breath of air before laughing again. He was great and I would definitely go to another of his shows.

Yesterday, Gene and I went to Kaitlin and Kevin’s for lunch. EG was asleep by the time we got there so we didn’t get to see her but we’ll see her another time. It was a nice time getting to catch up with everyone.