Trivia, phone, and a play

Wednesday, the housemates and I went back to Board Game Republic for their monthly trivia night. Returning champions, we were fairly confident our skills from the previous session would carry over.  We were wrong – we got last place. As Gene put it, we had stiffer competition this time. According to him, we actually did about the same as last time, which means, in my mind, we still did well. And the most important part, of course, is that we had fun. We goofed around, Sidney drew doodles to the delight of the hosts, and we had a great time.

We got to the game store early so the owner of the place taught us how to play Photosynthesis, a game that was recently released and she had just played that morning. This game is gorgeous. The art is beautiful and right up my wheelhouse. The game itself is heavy on strategy, and the way it’s played isn’t quite set up for how my brain works, but I still enjoyed it. We didn’t have enough time before trivia to finish the game so I’ll need to play it again.  The game is all about growing and harvesting trees. Each person has a variety of 3D trees – it’s really neat because of the tiny details of each one (some trees have birds, others have foxes or rabbits or squirrels poking out). I want to go back to Board Game Republic on a non-trivia night so I can play more games.


Not only did I go to Board Game Republic on Wednesday but I also bought myself a new phone! I will soon be the owner of a lovely Pixel 2. I’m following in Gene’s footsteps (he bought a Pixel 2 last month) except mine is smaller and white. I’m pretty excited. I was going to wait until we had paid off our house to get one but the white Pixel came back in stock and I signed up for Google’s credit card so I don’t actually have to buy the phone all at once, I’ll be paying it in installments and  improving my credit score while I’m at it. Not a bad deal. Get ready for some more pictures – this phone’s camera is going to be fantastic so I’ll be snapping photos like a crazy banshee!

Thursday, Gene and I had a date night where we ate dinner and went to a high school play. Not your average date night, right? One of the high schools I work with was putting on The Phantom Tollbooth, and since I LOVE that book (read it if you haven’t, it’s fantastic), I really wanted to go. The students did a wonderful job. Most of them acted quite well, I was legitimately impressed since the school doesn’t focus on arts but international studies instead. So for these students to be that good of actors – it was great. Afterward we grabbed some ice cream from a nearby local store and then headed home. It was a very fun evening!

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