Monty Python, John Cleese, and Thanksgiving prep

Yesterday evening, Elisabeth, Gene and I headed to the Bellco Theater to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail and afterward, listen to John Cleese, one of the actors, speak. I had seen the movie twice and, on the second go, thought it was pretty funny, so I was excited for the evening. The theater was full and we watched the movie on a large screen someone had put on the stage. It was an interesting set-up but we sat close enough that it worked out well for us. The sound was a bit too loud for me, though. Other than that, it was quite enjoyable, especially since, during certain parts, the audience would speak the lines along with the movie. I imagine it was somewhat similar to a viewing of Rocky Horror Picture Show, but way less creative or involved. Regardless of only one man dressing up as a character, the enthusiasm of the crowd was contagious and made my viewing of the movie even better.


Afterward, John Cleese came out and answered a few questions about the movie and his life. Other than knowing that John Cleese was part of Monty Python, I knew nothing else about him. Thankfully, he is funny enough that I didn’t need to know anything else, I laughed at his jokes and got to learn a bit more about another human being. This man is almost 80 years old and he’s touring around the world, I want to be that alive when I’m that old. He even jogged off the stage. I suppose it goes to show how humor in one’s life positively affects the body. I think I need to watch more comedies.

Today we began our Thanksgiving prep. We did all our shopping yesterday (no long lines, somewhat surprisingly, and we went to three different stores!) so we’re looking good. We bought our turkey at King Soopers for $4 – how crazy is that?! A 10lb turkey for $4, as Gene pointed out this morning, our 1 pound of chicken breast cost $6. Explain that! So if the turkey is tasty, I’ll likely buy some more of it after Thanksgiving, as long as it’s still that cheap.

Anyway, I prepped food for stuffing, appetizers, and sweet potato casserole. I’ll do more prep on Wednesday which means Thursday will be a relaxing breeze. Going to be a great time.


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