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What inevitably happens on Thanksgiving (or the day before), and which happened to me this morning, is that you realize you’ve forgotten something. Something you think is crucial to a great Thanksgiving meal. And then the adventures ensue…

Gene and I had decided we’d make a homemade pie this year. The last, and only other, time I’ve made a pie was 7 or 8 years ago and it turned out to not be that great. So both Gene and I had reservations about making one but figured together we’d have no problem. We bought the ingredients and got everything out this morning to make it only to realize we didn’t have a food processor or pastry blender to actually make the crust. I had thrown out our pastry blender a month or so ago because it was getting old and bendy.


IMG_20171122_175727Sidney took my car to work since she still had to go in so Gene and I were car-less. I suggested we walk to King Soopers and buy a pastry blender but just in case it worked out, we should check Amazon Prime Now to see if they had one. Sadly, they did not have a pastry blender…but they did have a food processor. Not only that, they had the one that The Sweet Home recommends (The Sweet Home is like the Bible of home items for me and Gene). After only debating for a minute or so we bought it. Two hours later, a lovely deliveryman dropped it off at our door. Thank you Amazon!

Amazon also provided me with a lovely map of where my item was – a cute little turkey represented its location.

And now here we are, hours later, and our pie is ready to go! It definitely isn’t perfect but I think it’s going to be much more delicious than the pie I made long ago.

Fresh out of the oven!

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