Thanksgiving and my birthday

Sunset from a few nights ago.

Thanksgiving was lovely yesterday. It started with me dancing to music and ended with me winning a game and eating my homemade pecan pie. In between was filled with prepping the rest of the food, visiting with the housemates and our friends, playing Concept, and of course, eating. Everything turned out great – even the $4 turkey we got! Sidney was a genius and all we did was put the turkey in a paper bag and bake it (after washing it and coating it in melted butter of course).

Our friends, Josh and Brittany, brought over Betrayal at House on the Hill, a game all of us had wanted to play for a while. It was fun – it’s the one I won – and they left it with us at the end of the night. They decided they never played it so they gave it to us – I was thrilled.

Also, Gene and my pecan pie turned out fantastic. It didn’t look perfect, but it tasted perfect. I’m not sure we could have done better in the taste department, I’m really proud.

Today was also another great day. It was my birthday (yay) so I woke up and opened the few presents and cards my coworkers and friend got me (Sidney and Elisabeth surprised me and Gene with a gift card to a cheese store). Gene then made me orange rolls for breakfast and soon after we went to the movie theater and watched Justice League.

We ate lunch at The Bagel Deli and then went to Board Game Republic and played games until after 6:30pm. I really liked two of the games – Mysterium and Kana Gawa. I want to play both of them again and may end up buying them eventually.

I ended the day with getting my Pixel phone early and eating leftover Thanksgiving. This has been such a lovely break and I still have two more days off before I go back to work. What will the next two days bring – I have no idea – but I’m guessing one day will involve Dungeons and Dragons and of course, more Thanksgiving stuffing!

Picture from my new phone!

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