Pixel 2’s camera rocks

I am loving my Pixel 2’s camera. I thought I would but it’s nice to actually have it in my hands and confirm that I like it. Look at this picture I took of Pippin yesterday.


He was such a good model for me and the picture is good quality. I don’t think my physical camera could take one as good. That’s a little sad, since it was a really good camera when I purchased it. But, it lasted for over 4 years and has taken some great pictures so it was definitely worth the purchase. And now, I don’t have to carry around a camera when I want to take pictures, I can use my phone. It’s going to be awesome.

Gene took this picture of me and Pippin yesterday, another good one! The colors are a little vibrant but for the most part it’s decent.


I like how the Pixel 2’s camera has portrait mode (see pictures above), where the phone takes a picture and then focuses in on the subject, blurring the background. It also touches up the subject, making it sharper and brighter. Look how flawless my skin looks. In reality, my skin is not that smooth. The camera also has an option to capture motion, so it basically makes short gifs (it saves them as videos). I’m going to have a lot of fun with this new phone.



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