Denver’s Parade of Lights


Last night, Elisabeth and I headed downtown to watch The Parade of Lights. Neither of us had been but both of us had heard about it from coworkers this year. We’re trying to get into the spirit of Christmas so we decided it was a good idea for us to go.

Floats, high school marching bands, and low rider cars and tricycles weaved their way around the city, granting me laughs and happy memories. I loved it and can’t believe I hadn’t gone before.


IMG_20171202_184945We saw fire dancers hula hooping fire around waists and foreheads. We saw adult tricycles decked out in lights doing wheelies and doughnuts. An ice castle float (not made from ice), a gingerbread house, and the nutcracker scene. A human sized toilet walking around. Jake Jabs from American Furniture Warehouse! I had a blast, especially because the couple behind us was really into it and very vibrant. Made the evening really interesting.

The parade was an hour long which was the perfect amount of time. Next time we go, I’d like us to come early and camp out for a bit. We can bring some food and warm drinks and chill out. We ended up getting a decent spot but we could have gotten a better one if we came earlier.

Elisabeth had a fun idea that one year we actually walk in the parade. She was thinking we could join the adult tricycle club. I think I’d be down – it would be pretty fun – but I also enjoyed watching so I’ll be happy no matter what.


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