The Nutcracker

Elisabeth and I were privileged enough to see the Moscow Ballet’s The Nutcracker last night at the Paramount.


Beautiful and breathtaking. The costumes were lovely – vibrant colors, fine details, solid design and make. The ballerina outfits were generally more interesting than the men’s but the men did have some cool tights. I liked the ones they wore during the rat fight scene. I would like to know what material all of the costumes were made out of, to get a close up would be so neat.

The costumes were only the second best part, however. The best part was the actual dancing. My oh my. Talent derived from what I can only imagine is hard, long, tiring work. The Arabian dance and the Russian dance were by far the most impressive. The Arabian pair was amazing – they were doing circus moves. Basically extreme yoga poses. I really can’t describe it well at all so suffice it to know that the audience was mesmerized, cheering and clapping almost the entire time they were out. That “dance”was my favorite part. Followed of course by the Russian dancers. They were almost as equally amazing. One man did the quintessential Russian dance move and then followed it with splits in the air. I loved it.

Sadly, they skipped the part where loads of children run out from a giant woman’s dress, but otherwise I think they followed the story pretty closely. I thoroughly enjoyed it – great way to keep the Christmas spirit going!


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