Fun pin & cards

MVIMG_20171211_172659Within 5 minutes of me getting to work today, one of my teammates came up to me and gave me a Fun pin. My work has a few different values that we try to live by, fun being one of them. We have pins for each value and we can give them out to co-workers when we think they’re representing that value.

As part of a professional development class that my coworker had gone to last Friday, she was given a Fun pin and was asked to give it to someone she thought deserved it and embodied it. She told me she instantly thought of me.

Made my day.

Later that day, I then went up to a friend’s desk and looked at cards she had made. Turns out she takes pictures throughout the year and around the holidays prints them out and makes them into cards to sell. I picked out a few of them and am thinking about possibly framing a couple to go on my nature wall at home. They’re just so pretty, I’m going to have a hard time sending them off to people. However, I do have enough that I can probably spare a few to mail.


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