What I like Wednesday – Advent Calendars & Gremlins

It has been quite a while since I did a What I Like Wednesday post, I think it’s time to start them up again. Here’s what I like this week.

Online Advent Calendars

Lydia had purchased me and Gene an online advent calendar years ago and I quite enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that when I finally remembered it again, I knew I wanted to get one for myself this year. I ended up getting a few, better deal, and so all the housemates have their own and Lydia herself gets to join in as well since she’s the one that started it all. Every day there is either a video or an activity along with lovely Christmas music. It’s a great way for me to get in the spirit of the holidays for very cheap.

I have forgotten to do it a couple of days (who would have thought) but for the most part I’m sticking with it.


Elisabeth and I watched Gremlins, the 80s movie, for the first time recently. We were trying to find a Christmas movie to watch and this was the closest we got (don’t worry, Gene has helped us get more). I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially since I watched it with Elisabeth who also had never seen it. We laughed so much. Angry gremlins singing Christmas carols? Check. Angry gremlins watching Snow White and singing along? Check. I guess these guys really like to sing. Although I would consider it a real Christmas movie, it really has nothing to do with Christmas, I am counting it in my favorite movies of the holiday. How did I miss out on this movie for so long?!

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