Christmas at work


MVIMG_20171214_154620.jpgMy work had a holiday decorating contest. What supposedly started as a cubicle decorating contest turned into a department one very quickly. My coworkers and I would like to think we’re the ones that started that but who’s to really say. My department’s theme was Griswold Christmas, based off of the movie Christmas Vacation. Basically, we brought in anything we could related to Christmas and put it up.

Our competition got fierce – Candy Land, Polar Express, Snow Daze, and Hawaiian Christmas were all fantastic. We were feeling like we probably weren’t going to win the competition (and even though some of us kept saying it didn’t matter, you could tell no one believed that) so yesterday, someone decided we weren’t done yet. We weren’t calling it quits. And a last ditch effort went into decorating. 

MVIMG_20171214_154603.jpgWe decorated like crazy today. Most of our day was spent doing it (don’t worry, we still squeezed in work, plus, this was serious team building time). We finally determined that there could be no more decorations. We had legitimately done our best.

Our area now looks exhilarating, overwhelming, and magical. We have some amazing details: paper chains made out of recycled paper, an RV with Uncle Eddie in it, a rat Christmas tree, hand cut snowflakes. It was a very concerted effort and I think we pulled it off extremely well. We even had the movie playing!

Surprisingly, it was elementary school kids that were the judges (we thought it would be high schoolers), so we figure we probably didn’t win (hasn’t been announced yet) but we still had a great time putting everything up. People from other floors came around and admired and we did the same to their floors. Everyone was happy and excited and oohed and aahed at everything.

Although I am exhausted and am happy this is over, I could not have had more fun. I laughed a lot and I worked with my team and it was wonderful. We’re already talking about next year!

I present the Division of Secondary Education’s Griswald Christmas.

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For a few more pictures, see my google photo album.

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